Jeanne Silverwatch, BSN, RN, NE-BC

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Saint Francis Comprehensive Breast Health Center Community Outreach/Education Program

This funding will be applied towards the patients’ transportation costs to the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center for mammography and follow-up appointments. 

Linda Hodgkins, MS OTR/L CLT-LANA

Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network/The Hospital of Central Connecticut
Rehabilitation/Prevention of Lymphedema

Hartford HealthCare and the Hospital of Central Connecticut Cancer Institute treats hundreds of patients with breast cancer related lymphedema, a chronic and progressive swelling disease. This condition requires daily use of compression garments that are often not covered by insurance. The cost can be devastating to cancer survivors.  The CT BHI has provided funding to patients in the Hartford HealthCare Lymphedema Program to assist with these out of pocket expenses, including items such as compression arm sleeves, gloves, and bras.  This funding not only supports breast cancer survivors with the financial burden of having lymphedema, but assures patients that they are not alone in dealing with this difficult disease.

Liisa Kuhn, PhD

University of Connecticut Health Center (“UConn Health”), Biomedical Engineering Department Personalized 3D Printed Breast Forms Project

This project will create personalized 3D breast forms for breast cancer patients who have had a mastectomy, but have not had breast reconstruction.  The personalized 3D printed form will replace the standard form which women say are uncomfortable, heavy, sweaty and not an exact match.  The 3D printed breast form is a prosthetic that will not be implanted, but used within a bra or swimsuit to restore symmetry and aesthetics.  This form will be different from others due to recent advances in 3D scanners and 3D bioprinters.  This form will be a porous mesh covered with a breathable fabric that is a match in both the front and back of the women’s shape.